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Organised by Holy Trinity Church Parishioners

and Rothwell District Lions Club.

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Cask Ales

​With a choice of 52 ales from across the country, there is something to suit every taste.

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1. Flummoxed Farmer

Sponsor: There's only one Mick Stanley


A light, blonde ale with a grapefruit and tropical nose, giving a refreshing and slightly hoppy, dry finish.

Ainsty Ales   |   Abv. 4.0%   |   Light Blonde
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2. Ainsty Assassin
Sponsor: Cheers Malcolm

A smooth killer of a stout. This oatmeal stout has hints of chocolate and coffee with a sweet finish.

Ainsty Ales   |   Abv. 4.9%   |   Oatmeal Stout
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3. Ainsty Angel
Sponsor: There's only one Mick Stanley

Ainsty Angel is an easy drinking session pale ale with a refreshing, smooth finish.

Ainsty Ales   |   Abv. 3.7%   |   Pale Ale
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4. Blonde
Sponsor: There's only one Mick Stanley

Platinum Blonde bitter. Citrus and pine nose, with a dry, crisp and hoppy taste

Backyard Brewery   |   Abv. 4.1%   |   Blonde
Backyard Brewhouse.png
5. Dandilion & Burdock Porter
Sponsor: There's only one Mick Stanley

A twist on the classic porter. Infused with natural dandelion and burdock for a modern take.

Backyard Brewery   |   Abv. 4.3%   |   Porter
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6. Gold
Sponsor: The Chair

A strong golden beer with a fresh hop character. This ale has a smooth taste with a balanced sweetness throughout. Devonshire through and through!

Bays Brewery   |   Abv. 4.3%   |   Golden
Bays Brewery.png
7. Devon Dumpling
Sponsor: Coopers of Oulton

Smooth rich, dark ale. Mid dry palate. Sweet and understated bitter finish.

Bays Brewery   |   Abv. 5.1%   |   Golden
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8. Uncle Munk's IPA
Sponsor: World Wide Pictures

Kilned malt flavours with a slightly sweet & growing bitter balanced flavour. Producing an American style IPA with a Big Hoppy End!!!

Beer Monkey Brew Company   |   Abv. 4.5 |   IPA
beer monkey brew company logo.jpg
9. Beer Monkey Blonde
Sponsor: Rydam Universal Ltd.

A real Blonde Brew packed with citrus flavours & aroma. A seriously thirst quenching Yorkshire Ale!

Beer Monkey Brew Company   |   Abv. 3.9%   |   Blonde
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10. Sir Keith Park
Sponsor: Woodlesford In Bloom

Amarillo & First Gold Hops give a distinct fruity/spicy balanced flavour, with a zesty aroma.

Bewdley Brewery   |   Abv. 4.5%   |   Golden

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