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Cask Ales

​With a choice of 48 ales from across the country, there is something to suit every taste.

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1. Daily Bread
Sponsor: Martin Gaffney Solicitors

Brewed to satisfy the traditional English bitter drinkers in our own pub, ideal for those in yours. Our take on a classic English bitter: copper coloured, well balanced, malty flavours and a smooth bitter finish. Using British grown Fuggles hops for subtle flavours, enhanced with a touch of Columbus and Bobek. National Bronze award winner at the SIBA Digital Beer Awards 2020.

Abbeydale Brewery   |   Abv. 3.8%   |   Dark Bitter
Beer Ink.png
2. Lamp Black
Sponsor: Electron Electrical Services Ltd

Lampblack is a roasty chocolatey stout made up of 8 different malts. With hints of blackberry coming from the darker malts and Admiral hops, this beer is slightly fruity with an almost Dry Irish Stout finish.

Beer Ink Brewery   |   Abv. 4.6%   |   Stout
Beer Ink.png
3. Et Al
Sponsor: The British Oak (Rothwell)

Our dual hopped cask only pale ale. This time around with Admiral and Mosaic hops.


Beer Ink Brewery   |   Abv. 3.8 |   Pale Ale
Beer Ink.png
4. Vellum
Sponsor: Oulton Community Sports Club 

A plethora of Citra (US) and Amarillo (US) hops were used in this simple grist pale ale.  Expect all the flavours of Grapefruit and mango that you would usually get from these hops but in abundance!

Beer Ink Brewery   |   Abv. 4.0 |   Pale Ale
Black Sheep.png
5. Respire
Carbon Neutral

Launched on Earth Day 2022, Respire is completely carbon neutral, with every pint contributing to the planting of trees in the Yorkshire Dales through our partnership with the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust.

Respire is a soft and pillowy Session IPA laced with juicy notes of citrus and tropical fruits. The hops adding a touch of bitterness whilst the pale malt adds a delicate sweetness. Torrefied wheat provides a smooth body and a velvet-like head.

Black Sheep Brewery   |   Abv. 4.0%   |   IPA
Black Sheep.png
6. Riggwelter

Riggwelter takes its name from a local Yorkshire Dales farming term which has Nordic roots; “rygg” meaning back, and “velte” meaning to overturn. A sheep is said to be rigged or ‘riggwelted’ when it has rolled onto its back and is unable to get back up without assistance. 

Riggwelter is a real showcase of hops, malt and yeast. Layers of chocolate and coffee are most prominent with dark fruits offering a sweet balance against the bitter roasted flavours. 

Black Sheep Brewery   |   Abv. 5.9%   |   Dark Ruby
Black Sheep.png
7. Special Ale
Sponsor: Black Sheep Brewery 

A robust and agile amber ale, first introduced to our range in 1994, Special Ale carries an explosion of fruit on the aroma and palate with the fruity esters offering notes of raisins and pear drops. The malt blend provides notes of toffee, caramel and biscuit which balances perfectly against those flavoursome British hops.

Black Sheep Brewery   |   Abv. 4.4%   |   Amber
Chin Chin.png
8. First Past the Post

A Strong dark mild. Smooth, deceptively easy drinking mild with chocolate & vanilla notes

Chin Chin Brewing Co. Brewery   |   Abv. 3.9 |  Blonde
Chin Chin.png
9. Pound Shop Lizard

A light Malty Pale Ale.

Chin Chin Brewing Co. Brewery   |   Abv. 4.6%   |   Pale
Chin Chin.png
10. Square Peg Round Hole
Sponsor:  Select Hairdressing

A light Fruity Pale Ale, hopped with Galaxy and Cascade.

Chin Chin Brewing Co. Brewery   |   Abv. 4.3%   |   Pale
Chin Chin.png
11. Vanishing Point

A light Fruity Pale Ale, triple hopped with Citra, Cascade &  Chinook

Chin Chin Brewing Co. Brewery   |   Abv. 4.5 |   Pale

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