Cask Ales

​With a choice of 52 ales from across the country, there is something to suit every taste.

Bridgehouse Brewery.png
11. Holy Cow
Sponsor: Purple Vet

Amber coloured - Sweet fruity start balanced by a warming hoppy finish

Bridgehouse Brewery   |   Abv. 5.6%   |   Bitter
Don Valley Brewery.png
12. Bit O'that
Sponsor: L.H.A Car and Commercial Ltd

Pilsner, Cara & Crystal Malts, First Gold Hops.  

A smooth and dark chestnut coloured Yorkshire bitter. Hints of toffee and biscuit on the nose give way to a pleasant bitterness. A blend of three malts give this beer its unique body with a delightful creamy white head.

Don Valley Brewery   |   Abv. 4.0%   |   Bitter
Don Valley Brewery.png
13. Gongoozler
Sponsor: Pete Davis Safety services. 

Cara, Crystal, Black, Toasted Barley & Chocolate Malts Goldings

& Cascade Hops. This five malt smooth stout incorporates chocolate and coffee aromas with a spike of cascade hops to finish. A show stopping stout with a beautiful white creamy head.

Don Valley Brewery   |   Abv. 4.5%   |   Stout
Elland Brewery.png
14. Beyond the Pale
Sponsor: Flower Power

A pale golden bitter brewed with a touch of Munich Malt and a pronounced floral aroma and finish from the North American Cascade hop

Elland Brewery   |   Abv. 4.2%   |   Pale Golden Bitter
Empire Brewery.png
15. Golden Warrior
Sponsor: KWFitness classes in LS26, LS25 and LS15

A very pale, easy drinking session ale, created with an eclectic mix of Anglo-US hops.


KWFitness classes in LS26, LS25 and LS15

Empire Brewery   |   Abv. 3.8 |   Session Ale
Empire Brewery.png
16. Strikes Back
Sponsor: Mick Stanley 

A pale golden bitter with a hoppy aroma and hop and malt balance, with a fruity citric flavour.

Empire Brewery   |   Abv. 4.0 |   Pale Golden Bitter
Great Newsome.png
17. Sleck Dust

Straw coloured thirst quenching easy drinking ale. Pleasingly bittered with lemony citrus hop notes and a floral aroma. “Sleck Dust” to quench the thirst!

Great Newsome Brewery   |   Abv. 3.8 |   Golden 
Hambleton Brewery.png
18. Nightmare Porter
Sponsor: Mr Smiths Barbers Shop

Massively flavoured four malt porter. The result of a 'Nightmare' brew day that turned out awesome and went on to win CAMRA Champion. Winter Beer of Britain!

Hambleton Brewery  |   Abv. 5.0 |   Porter
Hambleton Brewery.png
19. Stud
Sponsor: Select Hairdressing

Stud is our best selling, easy drinking golden blonde. It's gluten free but don't let that put you off. It's a beer for all drinkers.

Hambleton Brewery   |   Abv. 4.3 |   Blonde
20. Atomic Theory

Another product from Cumbria: eminent scientist John Dalton. He greatly advanced our understanding of the composition of matter with his Atomic Theory. Our composition of Atomic Theory is refreshingly hoppy andmuch easier to take in than scientific postulation. An easy drinking, lightand refreshing full bodied hoppy IPA. Positively charged with a fistful of English Goldings and an element of Slovenian hops

Jennings Brewery   |   Abv. 3.8 |   IPA

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