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Cask Ales

​With a choice of 48 ales from across the country, there is something to suit every taste.

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35. It’s a Stout Time
Sponsor: Sponsored by Rydam Universal Ltd.

A sweet, dark, velvety dive into stout land. Our milk stout 
takes what is so good about Irish stouts & the lesser-known milk stout & combines them with each other. 
The result, you’ll have to see that for yourself.


Quirky Brewery |  Abv. 4.5%  |   Stout
36. Asgards Legend
Sponsor: Sponsored by Howgate & Farrer Woodlesford

Fresh, light, balanced golden ale with floral and 
grapefruit aromas


Rudgate Brewery |  Abv. 4.2%  |   Golden Ale
37. Jorvik

Flaxen blonde ale. Balanced hoppy bitterness and crisp 
fruity finish.


Rudgate Brewery |  Abv. 4.2%  |  Golden Ale
38. Ruby
Sponsor: R Fox & Sons Ltd

Multi award-winning, nutty, deeply rich and satisfying 
Ruby Mild. A dark premium mild ‘Silver medal CAMRA 
Winter Beer Festival 2002’


Rudgate Brewery |  Abv. 4.4%  |   Mild
39. Toom to Tango
Sponsor: Coopers of Oulton 

Pale in colour. Refreshing light flavours complemented by a fruity tangerine nose.


Rudgate Brewery |  Abv. 4.0%  |  Pale Ale
40. Viking
Sponsor:  Lewis (Rothwell) Ltd Electrical Contractors 

ward-winning, full bodied beer with hops and fruit complementing the aftertaste.


Rudgate Brewery |  Abv. 3.8%  |  Golden Ale
41. Insidious
Sponsor: Flower Power

An easy drinking, lower alcohol, highly refreshing beer, that has a complex balance of hops, bitter and malty flavour

Salamander Brewery |  Abv. 3.8%  |   Pale
42. Lemon Dreams
Sponsor: The Liberal Democrats

A shimmering golden ale that is brewed using organic 
lemons which adds beautifully subtle zesty aromas and a 
citrus filled fruity finish.

Salopian Brewery  | Abv. 4.5%  |  Blonde
Titanic Brewery.png
43. Plum Porter

Plum Porter is our infamous, strong, dark porter. By combining the sweetness of plums with the hoppy flavour of a 
porter we have bagged a winner. A well-rounded porter 
with fruity, sweet notes over a backdrop of hoppy flavour

Titanic Brewery  | Abv. 4.9%  |  Porter
44. Wavelength
Sponsor: Cutler & Co Chartered Accountants

Incredibly light in colour, and glistening with Mosaic, Mosaic and more Mosaic. A juicy and piney showcase of our absolute favourite hop. 

Turning Point Brew Co | Abv. 4.4%  |  Super Pale ale
45. 1906 Pale

Cask beer were first produced in West Yorkshire in 1906 
by Henry Boon Clark

Westgate (Clarks)  Brewery |  Abv. 4.0%  |   Pale Ale
46.  Excessive Behaviour
Sponsored by Tudor Financial Consultants Ltd

A very sweet milk stout with strong taste of toffee.

Wilde Child Brewery |  Abv. 4.7%  |   Milk Stout
York brewery logo.jpeg
47. Guzzler
Sponsor: Martin Gaffney Solicitors

A beautifully balanced, light gold coloured beer with dominant hop flavours and pale malt character. Guzzler is an easy drinking, crisp & refreshing session ale brewed with Challenger and Celeia hops that bring about a light citrus palate with overtones of Grapefruit.

York Brewery |  Abv. 3.6%  |   Pale Ale

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