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Rothwell District Lions Club Charity Number: 1176472

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Organised by Holy Trinity Church Parishioners

and Rothwell District Lions Club.

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Cask Ales

​With a choice of 52 ales from across the country, there is something to suit every taste.

21. Jarsa
Sponsor: Accesspoint Legal Services

Juicy and Refreshing Summer Ale.


Brew York |  Abv. 3.7%  |   Blonde Ale
dorset brewery.png
22. Dorset Knob
Sponsor: Flower Power

Zesty light amber ale with a malty character and a hoppy, floral bouquet.

Dorset Brewing Co |  Abv. 3.9%  |   Light Amber
dorset brewery.png
23. Tom Brown
Sponsor: Impress Promotions

Smooth amber quaffing ale with caramel notes and a subtle spiced, fruity aroma.

Dorset Brewing Co  |  Abv. 4.0%   |   Amber
fuggle bunny.png
24. Russian Rare-Bit
Sponsor: Martin Gaffney Solicitors

Dark & sensual, malty & complex with an intriguing twist of chocolate, coffee & liquorice aromas, british hops lend bittering qualities - luxurious!

Fuggle Bunny Brewhouse |   Abv. 5.0%   |  Black Stout
fuggle bunny.png
25. 24 Carrot
Sponsor: Unicorn Inn, Carlton

Smooth aromas of citrus & blackberry with a spicy & cosy blanket of malt flavoured hoppiness.

Fuggle Bunny Brewhouse |   Abv. 4.4%   |   IPA
Gloucester brewery.png
26. American Pale
Sponsor: Salute

Full bodied, spiky & bitter. Resinous, grapefruit & mango.

Gloucester Brewery   |   Abv. 6.4%   |   Pale
Gloucester brewery.png
27. Dockside Dark
Sponsor: Back to Brite Oven Clean

Smooth, with subtle sweetness. Coffee, chocolate & dark fruit.

Gloucester Brewery  |   Abv. 5.2 |   Porter
28. Hambrook Pale Ale
Sponsor: There's only one Mick Stanley

HPA is a crisp light beer, a delightful interpretation of a new style extra pale ale. One for those who have learned to appreciate a distinctive flavour. It is double hopped with a blend of American and English hops, bringing about a clean zesty Quality adding to the refreshing yet moreish character.

GWB   |   Abv. 4.0%   |   Pale Ale
29. Moose River
Sponsor: Stephen Ward Photography

The nose is a lemon-sweet mix that works well to entice another sip! A delicious full bodied pale ale much accredited to the 5% ABV but mostly due to the amount of hops added to the boiling process. Brewed with all American Hops Mount Hood and Chinook. Not too bitter, not too sweet, zesty and fruity to the last drop.

GWB  |   Abv. 5.0%   |   IPA
30. Bee's Knees
Sponsor: Select Hairdressing

Brewed with Mexican orange blossom honey. Boiled with Golding and Jester hops, dry hopped with Citra. Orangey honey with a boost of tropical fruits. Not too sweet and bursting with flavour.

GWB  |   Abv. 4.2%   |   Honey Ale

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