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Cask Ales

​With a choice of 48 ales from across the country, there is something to suit every taste.

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Chin Chin.png
12. Wake Up Bomb
Sponsor:  Grays of Rothwell

A Strong Pale ale, hopped with Dorado, Mosaic and Azacca..

Chin Chin Brewing   |   Abv. 4.7%   |   Pale
Coach House.png
13. Blueberry Classic Bitter
Sponsor: Saluté at The White Swan

A wonderful straw coloured beer with a light hoppy aroma and a distinct blueberry aftertaste. A multi award winner across the country.

Coach House Brewery  |   Abv. 5.0%  | Extra Strong Bitter
Coach House.png
14. Strawberry Blonde

A refreshing blonde ale with hints of citrus and grapefruit with an aftertaste of strawberry..


Coach House Brewery   |   Abv. 5.0 |   Blonde
Distant Hills_edited.png
15. Bukhara

Inspired by the Uzbekistan region where the juniper berries in this beer come from. Bukhara takes your breath 
away with notes of strawberry and blackcurrant from 
Mandarina Bavaria hops, alongside fresh Juniper berries.

Dark Star Brewery  | Abv. 5.8 |  IPA
Distant Hills_edited.png
16. Escapade
Sponsor: Pete Davis Safety Services

A chocolatey oatmeal stout, inspired by the local adventurous folk tale of King Arthur coming to the aid of a squire boy to behead 'Sir Terrible'. This stout has a balanced chocolate richness with notes of toasted oats and winter berries. Enjoy!

Distant Hills Brewery   |   Abv. 4.7%   |   Oatmeal Stout
Distant Hills_edited.png
17. Hoodwinked
Sponsor: Peacock Engineering

Hoodwinked is light bodied golden session ale with notes of orange and berries coming from the Pilgrim hops. The beer inspired by a local folk tale featuring a race between the Devil and the Doctor of 'Doctor's Gate' - located a stone's throw away from the brewery.

Distant Hills Brewery   |   Abv. 4.0%   |   Golden
Great Newsome.png
18. Frothingham Best
Sponsor: SP Window Cleaning Services 07848 909890

This moderately bittered dark ale features aromas of raisins & hazelnuts, a slightly malty base, and resin hop and peach fruit tones for a perfect finish. Named “World’s Best Pale Bitter up to 4.5%” at the 2020 World Beer Awards.

Great Newsam Brewery   |   Abv. 4.3 |   Amber Ale
Great Newsome.png
19. Holderness Dark

A stronger, modern version of the mild that was once the country’s staple beer. Deep chestnut with aromas of sweet toffee and grassy hops. H.D has a fantastic chestnut colour, with aromas of sweet toffee and grassy hops. Sweet chocolate malt and hazelnut flavours top it all off 

Great Newsam Brewing   |   Abv. 4.3 |   Dark Mild
Little Critters brewery.png
20. Blonde Bear
Sponsor:  Purple Vet

Our blonde ale is a smooth, balanced, bear hug of a session beer. The bready, lightly caramel malt complements the premium variety of whole hops used, and with a light body, makes this a satisfying, authentic and moreish blonde, with hints of tropical fruit balanced with earthiness.

Little Critters Brewing   |   Abv. 4.2 |   Blonde
Little Critters brewery.png
21. Shire Horse
Sponsor: The Fish Bar Rothwell  

We admit that a Shire Horse is hardly the littlest of critters, but our traditional high quality best bitter is the pride of our stable. Made from the highest quality English grains, with a dash of German malt, bittered with whole hop English Target hops and the best quality Slovenian Bobek.

Little Critters Brewing   |   Abv. 3.9%   |   Amber Ale
LITTLE Eaton.png
22. Delvers Drop

Light coloured beer. Strong fruity flavours and aromas, particularly raspberry

Little Eaton Brewery   |   Abv. 4.8%   |  IPA

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