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Cask Ales

​​With Beers from across the country, there is something to suit every taste. 

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23. Corrax

Corax is a good old fashioned traditional roasty stout that has a rich deep dark colour. It is full bodied and is complemented with complex roasted and coffee flavours with hints of toasted caramel and chocolate. Topped with a creamy white head  

Lords Brew co.  |   Abv. 4.3%   |   Stout
Lords Brew 1.jpg.png
24. Malamute

A simple, pale malt bill gives a soft malt foundation, but lets the hops do most of the talking. Magnum hops give a gentle bitterness while kettle additions & dry hopping with Bobek & Styrian Wolf hops offer an intense aroma of sweet tropical fruits, mango & elderflower.

Lords Brew co.  |   Abv. 4.5%   |   IPA (Vegan)
Lords Brew 1.jpg.png
25. Sanglier
Sponsored by The Prep House, Cocktail Bar, Commercial Street, Rothwell

Sanglier is our core range pale, brewed with plenty of Citra and Southern Cross hops to give it a great floral aroma and tropical fruit flavour with a light bitterness on the finish.

Lords Brew co.  |   Abv. 3.9%   |   Pale Ale
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26. Luddite
Sponsor: RAPS - Recent Appointees in Polymer Science

English Pale Brewed with a blend of extra pale Maris Otter & Wheat malt, and then hopped using English Olicana, Endeavor & Cascade to give a citrus, grapefruit, red berries and fruity flavor. Then fermented with an American Yeast.

Mill Valley Brewery   |   Abv. 3.8%   |   Bitter
Mill Valley.png
27. Same Again
Sponsored by Lewis(Rothwell)Ltd Electrical Contractors

Our session pale is light in color, from the use of barley, wheat & oats. Then it’s smooth and hoppy, with plenty of flavor for a low strength beer. Tropical and citrus fruits from the use of American Amarillo, Cascade & Columbus.

Mill Valley Brewery   |   Abv. 3.4%   |   Pale Ale
Mill Valley.png
28. White Panther
Sponsored by Keep Kean Controls Ltd.

A full bodied pale, that is easy drinking and very session-able. There is a blend of Cascade & Chinook, which gives this a rounded citrus flavour.

Mill Valley Brewery   |   Abv. 3.8%   |   Pale Ale
Mobberley Brewhouse.png
29. Bunji
Sponsor: RAPS - Recent Appointees in Polymer Science

One of our most popular cask beers in a can! Crisp, easy drinking traditional pale ale brewed for refreshment and endless drinkability.

Mobberley Brew House  |   Abv. 4.0%   |   Pale Ale
Mobberley Brewhouse.png
30. Sidekick

A 4.2% Pale Single Hop. Brewed with Cardinal hops.
A delicious
mix of citrus, grapefruit and tropical pineapple flavours and aromas with a hint of bitterness.

Mobberley Brew House    |   Abv. 4.2%   |   Pale Ale
31. Bees Knees
Sponsored by Flower Power (Florists) Rothwell

Brewed with Yorkshire honey, this hoppy bitter is well balanced and offers honey flavours.

Nook Brewery   |   Abv. 3.9%   |   Bitter
32. Berry Blonde

Light raspberry flavours offset the citrus finish of this blond.

Nook Brewery   |   Abv. 4.5%   |   Blonde
33. Cherry Stout

A well-bodied oat stout with notes of cherry and a distinct liquorice palate as well as roasted flavours.

Nook Brewery   |   Abv. 5.2%   |   Stout

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