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Whether you are new to pear cider or a connoisseur, you won't be disappointed.

Find out what perrys our brewers have to offer.

​Here are last years perrys from across the country, there is something to suit every taste. This years offering will appear here soon in 2024

Bee Sting Still


Sweet but incredibly refreshing with a glorious fresh tasting pear flavour and a wonderful pear aroma.

Lilley's Cider Barn  |   Abv. 7.5%   |   Sweet
Crazy Goat


A medium sweet perry and cider expertly blended giving it a mouth-watering juicy flavour.

Lilley's Cider Barn  |   Abv. 6.8%   |   Medium-Sweet
Pear & Raspberry


A fruity delight with a sharp bite of Raspberry.  This is a perry blended with raspberry juice to make a refreshing drink whether rain or shine.

Lilley's Cider Barn  |   Abv. 6.8%   |   Medium
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